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Driverless cars are the future

Cars without drivers

At this moment many car-producing organizations are developing driverless cars. Every car manufacturer that wants to compete in the future has to move along with the trend of driving a car without a real person controlling it. This is the future because in about ten years everybody is driving a driverless car. You can see the abilities of future cars in the present automobiles. For example many new cars use self-parking sensors, these sensors will park your car without your help. This is the beginning of the era of autonomous cars.

Driverless carsAbout

On our website you will find different driverless car manufacturers and organisations that are developing them. We give you information about the details of a driverless car and when you will be able to buy one yourself. The future cars are closing in and the society has to be ready for them.

The definition of driverless car

A driverless car is an unmanned vehicle that can drive autonomous. This means it can drive without a person behind the wheel. The car can make its decisions on when to steer, brake and accelerate based on sensors and signals picked up by its board computer.

The dictionary gives this as an explanation of a driverless car; “A car that drives itself without the help of an operator. Also called a robot car or autonomous vehicle.”

Wikipedia also uses the word combinations of autonomous car, self-driving car or robot vehicle that is capable of fulfilling transport capabilities in the same way a traditional car with and driver moves.

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